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Hamsa of fortune

Hamsa is a world famous amulet in the form of a palm with five fingers. Hamsa represents a struggle with evil, a symbol against negativity and violence in the whole world. This amulet protects it’s owner and brings him/her luck.

We are against violence and evil.

In the first two weeks the MetaData of “Hamsa” will not be available for you, and by buying “NFT Hamsa” you never know what you get, there is a chance that you will collect the rarest hand-drawn token

The “Hamsa” is a generated collection of tokens, which is released by charity fund “” through Savva Grechko and Maxim Mikheenko from “Studio 1518” and also by a representative of a startup called “NcraFTsman” which specializes in creating new and unique NFT-collections.

In addition, everyone could be a member of a virtual “Club of luckiness”. All the raised money will be used to develop and improve the new innovation projects of the team and will be donated to charity.

We are wishing you good luck !

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